Dock Building, Repairs & Boat Lifts

Chattanooga, Tennessee River, Chickamauga Lake, Nickajack Lake,

Harrison Bay and the surrounding areas

The purpose of your dock is to help you relax and to offer an escape from the stresses of life. But when something goes wrong with your dock or boat lift, or you hire the wrong company to build your dock, you’re adding to that stress and that’s the last thing you need. But the good news is you can avoid all of that by hiring the right company to resolve your dock needs.


We can come alongside you at any point in the process. Whether that’s helping you chose a design or working with the design you’ve already created. Our goal is to help make building your dream dock as easy as possible.


Wanting to relax on your dock only to discover it’s in need of repair can be very frustrating, and that defeats the purpose of your dock. Relieve that frustration by hiring the right company and get back to enjoying your dock sooner.

Boat Lifts

You love your boat and you make sure it’s properly maintained, so don’t forget about your boat lift. A lift in need of routine service or repairs, or one installed improperly, can cause damage to your boat. Avoid that by hiring the right company.

The Brachers

“From the design creation phase through the construction, the process was seamless and professional…everything was efficient, well-done, on schedule and on budget… we couldn’t have partnered with a better team than Chattanooga Dock Builders.”

The Brachers